Stock Market Decline Due To Recession, Sensex-Nifty Closed On Red Mark,

There has been a big loss in the Indian stock market on the fourth trading day of the week. 

The market opened with a red mark in the morning and closed on the red mark after a day's trading. 

During this, the Sensex saw a fall of more than 300 points.

After the end of trading today, the Sensex of the Mumbai Stock Exchange closed at 59,119.72, down by about 337.06 points, 

or 0.57%, while the Nifty also closed at 17,629.80, down 88.55 points or 0.50%.

At the beginning of trading on Thursday morning, both the Sensex and Nifty major indices opened with red marks. 

On Thursday morning, the 30-share BSE Sensex opened at 59,073.84, down 382.94 points. 

The National Stock Exchange's Nifty also saw an early fall and opened with a weakness of 109 points at 17,609.65.