Indians carried 'hostage' in Myanmar: MEA names four racketeers.

The foreign ministry has identified four companies involved in the job entrapment racket in Myanmar. 

Now Authorities are working to rescue the Indians, who number between 100 and 150 men.

Authorities have rescued a total of 32 people so far. 

However, people from Hyderabad and Delhi who managed to return told TOI that at least 500 Indians are being held captive there. 

Every day, at least 10-20 Indians are brought to Myawaddy and Mae Sot for labor.

Until now, OKX Plus, Lazada, Super Energy group, and Zhentian group have been identified as the companies. 

The Office of the Protector of Emigrants in Hyderabad has confirmed.

Indian IT professionals were trained to pose as Chinese women online and to defraud wealthy individuals.

Fraud with people from the United States and Europe in the name of cryptocurrency investment.