Television Actress Vaishali Takkar Hangs In Indore Home Note Of Suicide And Diary Found.

Television actress Vaishali Takkar hangs in Indore home Note of suicide and diary found.

Television actress Vaishali Takkar hangs in Indore home

Indian Television star Vaishali Takkar was found dead at her home in Indore on Sunday. An officer from the police has verified the actress committed suicide. According to reports, the actress was found hanging from her house. A suicide note was also found.

Police are currently investigating the case of her death. Many reports suggest that her relationship with her lover was the main reason for her tragic death. The police have also stated that she was stressed out and was harassed by her ex-boyfriend.

Did the pandemic hurt the health and mental well-being of young people?

When the number of people suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and stress from academic competition, work, or even strained relationships has risen, the importance of focusing on them, resolving the problem, and combating the stigma surrounding the issue has increased. However, it appears that the coronavirus pandemic has worsened matters by increasing the worldwide incidence of depression and anxiety by 25, according to a report released by the World Health Organisation earlier this year.

It was in the first year after the pandemic and following it that not just did the frequency of these cases increase, but the facilities available to patients were also lagging.

What has caused anxiety and depression among people after the outbreak began?

The WHO brief said that one of the main reasons for the rise in unimaginable anxiety is social isolation, which affects your ability to function, receive support from loved ones, and socialize with others. This was further exacerbated by the concern over infection, grieving over the loss of loved ones, or stress brought on by financial losses that caused anxiety and depression. For health professionals exhausted, suicidal thoughts were triggered by exhaustion.

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The report also stated that, as per a Global Burden of Disease study, the pandemic impacted mentally healthy adolescents and put them at risk of self-harming or suicidal behavior. The report also noted it was the case that women are more affected than men and that patients who have asthma, cancer, or heart disease are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses.

What can you do to help someone struggling with depression or anxiety?

Suicidal tendencies or thoughts can result from excessive anxiety, depression, stress, and grief, but there’s a way to overcome them. If you are struggling with such ideas, if they appear to be dawning on you more strongly than ever thought before, or if they are recurring, dial Helpline number 9152987821 or log onto Aasra Suicide Prevention Helpline Directory (India) and get the state. In these union-territory-specific helpline numbers, professionally-trained volunteers can offer assistance and solutions in every case. If you’ve got someone close to you or a loved one struggling with these thoughts, help them and refer them to these helplines, as there is always a solution. It’s not suicide.

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