Dwayne Johnson Aims For Marvel-DC Crossover Movie After Bringing Henry Cavill's Superman Back In Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson Aims for Marvel-DC Crossover Movie After Bringing Henry Cavill’s Superman Back in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson Aims for Marvel-DC Crossover Movie After Bringing Henry Cavill's Superman Back in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is causing controversy again online by suggesting the possibility that Marvel and DC could collaborate shortly. Johnson was spotted throwing fan bombs all over the area during the premiere of his new film, Black Adam.

Johnson spoke about the possibility of a Marvel as well as DC crossover. “Well, I’m always an optimist,” Johnson says. “I want to think we could see that. My philosophy is that anything can be done. Let’s start with the ultimate objective, and if the final purpose is to achieve any crossover that’s attractive, intelligent, and fun for fans, we should emphasize that.”

Then he added, “Let’s get a temperature gauge. If people want to have something similar, let us know. If they would, we should create it. That’s my way of thinking. I’m DC throughout and through. To help expand throughout the DC universe, I’m here to assist in any way possible.”

Peace, praise Marvel, and straightforward ways for future collaboration… Perhaps DC films will genuinely be able to enter a new era shortly.

Black Adam is a Game-Changer for DCEU

The first reviews for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam have been primarily positive. On the 21st of October, the actor will officially debut his DC debut. The highly anticipated movie was made possible due to Warner Bros.’s continuous delays to film production. The actor’s transformation from a regular person to an enigmatic superhero enthralled fans.

In response to the displeasure of prior DC films, followers on Twitter declared that Johnson would “transform” and “rescue” the DC Extended Universe.

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Many fans believe that the upcoming film could contribute to the DCEU being one of the more popular films around the globe, similar to the MCU sister series. Dwayne Johnson was described as”the “savior of the DCEU” by one fan.

It’s been years since I was a massive fan of The DC Extended Universe; the films have yet to impress me. One of the best comic characters is from DC. If the character is presented correctly, The DC Extended Universe has the potential to rival even the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of the amount of attention. Many fans hope they will see that Warner Bros. and DC will benefit from the momentum generated by introducing Black Adam and The Justice Society of America to the DCEU and start producing high-quality films soon.

The review: The Rock brings his best to the table in action-packed ‘Black Adam’

“Black Adam” truly feels like it’s a Blockbuster from beginning to end. Although the film is not the most groundbreaking and draws many of the conventions of the genre of comic books, “Black Adam” presents an entertaining narrative and is a superhero film. I was captivated by stunning imagery, a well-written script, and an impressive direction. In addition, the film is entertaining, with multiple action scenes guaranteeing the audience is never bored.

The story revolves around Kahndaq, an imaginary Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq that is initially under the control of the mercenary organization known as Intergang. Intergang manages Kahndaq to mine a valuable metal known as sternum with magical properties and also to discover the old Crown of Sabacc, which is believed to give its wearer the ability to summon demons. To stop the complete subjugation of Kahndaq, the group of militants headed by Adrianna (Sarah Shahi) and her son Amon (Bodhi Sabongui) search for the crown to cover it from the authorities. As they do, they find themselves awakening Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson), who was in hibernation for more than five thousand years. From there, the film begins its main storyline, where the US Government dispatches a group of superheroes dubbed”the Justice Society of America ” to catch Black Adam. Simultaneously, the villain tries to use the crown of Sabacc to take over Kahndaq.

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“Black Adam” stands out the most for the action sequences. The animation and visuals are excellent throughout compared to the sloppy CGI used in the latest Marvel films. The Rock’s WWE background has adequately prepared them for the part. He knows how to deliver the spectacle, and his charisma radiates onto the screen. Alongside Johnson and the other actors, the cast is awe-inspiring. Some standouts include Houston’s Mo Amer, who plays Adrianna’s older brother. Also, Aldis Hodge is in the role of Hawkman. Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) also interact as well as the comedy humor of the film.

Although “Black Adam” is sometimes blended, particularly in its humor, the film is enjoyable. The only issue concerning the film was its weak villain and the somewhat over-the-top third act. The conclusion is predictable. However, it doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the production. While some elements of the film could be like a rip-off of other comic book series (“Black Panther” and “X-Men” primarily), “Black Adam” does enough to make it’s own distinct and offer viewers an enjoyable experience.

In addition, even though it’s a superhero film, I found some political commentary to be thought-provoking and unpredictable. In removing the focus from traditional characters, “Black Adam” was an opportunity to get people thinking about the people we typically think of as heroes and who are entitled to the authority to decide what they do as heroes. I highly recommend seeing “Black Adam” in theaters because the wall-to-wall action and breathtaking visuals make this an enjoyable experience. Although it is sometimes a bit repetitive, it’s a fantastic film that must be watched.

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